Garbage Cleanup Nonprofit Turning Waste To Fuel And Water Program Launched

Earth Clean Solutions, a Montana based garbage cleanup solutions nonprofit company has announced a garbage to fuel and water program. The company announced a plan to deploy waterway and ocean garbage cleanup as the first step to the chemical transformation of garbage into useful resources.

Montana based garbage cleanup solutions nonprofit Earth Clean Solutions announced the launch of a garbage to fuel and water program. The program seeks to address the problems of land-based and large-scale oceanic garbage cleanup.

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The World Bank’s “What A Waste” report identifies garbage as a worldwide concern with nonexistent or improper solid waste management contributing to the contamination of the world’s oceans, the spread of disease, and hampering economic development. Earth Clean Solutions is an independent nonprofit that seeks to address the world’s garbage problem through a sustainable and socially empowering program.

The garbage cleanup program involves three phases—the land-based collection of garbage by impoverished women, oceanic cleanup, and the conversion of carbon-based garbage such as plastic into water and fuel.

Earth Clean Solutions will focus on retrofitting seagoing tanker ships and ocean barges with garbage collection equipment to gather the inorganic solid waste from beaches, seas, estuaries, and other large waterways. The company has developed a patent-pending process to convert this waste into fuel and water. The process involves shredding, freezing, pulverization, and chemical processing of solid waste that generates carbon and water as byproducts.

The company plans to implement garbage cleanup technology at the mouth of the ten most polluting rivers in the world that are responsible for 80 percent of the world’s garbage. The technology will be supported by education projects to raise awareness and the need for effective solid waste management.

According to a spokesperson for Earth Clean Solutions, “We believe that pragmatic scientific solutions are the key to solving the garbage crisis our planet faces. Cleaning up our oceans is the first of several steps we can take toward a cleaner world.”

Earth Clean Solutions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headed by Dr. Philip Milanovich. Founded in 2018, the company is developing sustainable solutions to the problems of pollution and poverty.

For more information about garbage reprocessing solutions and to donate, call 480-212-6324 and visit the URL above.

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