Game Marketing Seeks Gamers for Beta Test Opportunity

Looking for beta testers to test the newest Call of Duty franchise coming up this November. Become a beta tester and be the first to witness Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Tony has a limited number of beta slots available for Gamers interested in Game Marketing. Their new product Black Ops 3 Beta Testers is being built from the ground up and the company is seeking feedback from qualified candidates.

Interested potential beta testers can find out more about the product by visiting the website:

Tony has plans to incorporate several sought after features, including:

Be come a beta tester for Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Test and experience Call of Duty: Black Ops III gameplay prior to retail launch date.

Early Bird Access – Expect to play Multiplayer on a variety of maps that will tests servers and weapon balancing.

Get access to Black Ops III before E3 – Be able to test Black Ops III before it is seen at E3!

Selected beta testers will be expected to give feedback on these features as well as other planned functionality.

David Vonderhaar, Design Director, is eager to find the right match between Black Ops 3 Beta Testers and Gamers. In particular,

“Tony is looking for practical feedback that will allow the company to make specific improvements to Black Ops 3 Beta Testers. In exchange, Gamers will receive free access to the product throughout the beta period. The company is also considering a special incentive plan to reward these early testers with special pricing and other benefits for helping to shape development.”

Qualified beta candidates can find out more and apply directly on the website,

Release ID: 83332