Game Changing WomanOil8 Face Oils And Body Oils Shakes Skin Care Industry

The founders of WomanOil8 have, since 2002, pioneered the development of 100% natural face and body oils for the family. They are now witnessing a rapidly growing trend away from chemical based skin care products and have plans to expand quickly to meet this demand.

Pioneer WomanOil8 has slowly been developing its 100% natural oil skin care products since the founder started development in 2002. This pioneering effort was in sharp contrast to the then general acceptance of chemical based products. Today WomanOil8 users include skin specialists and the general medical profession.

Over the years Woman Oil 8 developed, perfected and tested their blends of multiple rich plant oils on an increasing band of followers. They now have a successful business and a rapidly growing and fiercely loyal customer base. Their discerning customers prefer WomanOil8 100% natural products rather than potentially toxic chemical based skin care products. Meanwhile in an attempt to meet the growing trend to natural products the chemical based skin care products are adding token ‘natural’ ingredients in an effort to make their products appear ‘green’ and safe.

Woman Oil 8 Australia pioneer of 100% natural face oils, body oils, hair oil, pregnancy body oil, and baby oil for the family have created a new web site which connects to their online shop allowing for customers to purchase online.

WomanOil8 is clearly committed in their quest to providing a unique range of 100% pure natural skin care products for all the family. Executive Director and co-founder Anne McBride said “our dedication to seeking out the finest plant oils coupled with our secret blending process is the key to our success. Each product has a perfectly balanced synergy of 10 to 15 plant oils. Where possible WomanOil8 use Australian cold pressed, extra virgin and organic plant oils.”

A recent addition to the range has been a face oil and body oil for men. These products called ManOil8 have been well received by customers. Men are enjoying the face oil for beards and it is reported to also be an excellent aftershave. The body oil is proving to be popular as well and helps to repair, nourish and soothe dry skin.

WomanOil8 Australia are shipping world-wide from their online store. They are also encouraging established businesses in all countries to contact them if they are interested in a ground floor opportunity to introduce WomanOil8 products into their city, State or country.

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