Game Changer Engine Electrostatic Technology Product Launch

JilCat Proline, a US-based distributor of friction reducer automotive supplements, has launched an expanded range of products suitable for all engine types. Patented Electrostatic Technology improves the way your engine and transmission function, saving consumers thousands in unnecessary repairs.

Using patented nano technology, the updated line of lubricants can help to remove carbon, corrosion, rust and sludge buildup. In addition to vehicles, the company states that they are also suitable for use in boats, motorcycles, semi trucks, and any other mechanical system made from metal.

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This technology was engineered for aerospace and used by our military. As part of the consumer product launch, JilCat Proline’s demo engine has now run approximately 95,000 miles without oil after being treated with this technology.

Just like any type of fire, internal combustion engines create by-products such as exhaust and hydrocarbon soot. Lubricants such as oil have traditionally been used not only to keep an engine running smoothly but also to collect these contaminants.

However, oil in its most basic form is not always an efficient agent for collecting and retaining the carbon molecules that cause friction, heat, and engine wear. JilCat Proline’s latest products use nano-monomolecular technology that binds to hydrocarbons through an electrostatic process.

While the science may be complex, the net impact is a high sheer protective layer on metal components that other lubricants can not achieve. Water and air are less able to penetrate this layer, leading to reductions in corrosion and rust. The enhanced ability of the solution to bind to hydrocarbon particles also reduces engine wear.

The new line does not contain any chemicals, dense metal particles, zinc, or mercury, and has been certified as eco-friendly by the Environmental Protection Agency.

About JilCat Proline

Located in Las Vegas, the company has been working with innovations in lubrication for over 25 years. The patented technology has been tested and verified by a laboratory in San Antonio, Texas. Field tests have also been conducted by the federal government, as well as all branches of the military, and several industrial manufacturing organizations.

A company representative stated: “We’re so confident you’ll be satisfied with our product, we offer a 100% guarantee on the full range. We also offer warranties and separate mechanical breakdown policies which cover the repair or replacement of any component we treat.”

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