Gambling Addiction Counselling Help Therapy in Brighton & Hove Site Launched

Problem gamblers and gambling addicts in Brighton and Hove can now receive affordable counselling through a new site at launched by The Hove Counselling Practice.

Problem gamblers and gambling addicts in and around Brighton and Hove can now receive low cost counselling to help control compulsive gambling urges following the launch of a dedicated website by The Hove Counselling Practice. The website enables gambling addicts to receive a specialized and confidential treatment to address the destructive nature of this serious addiction.

Claire Sainsbury, BACP accredited problem gambling counsellor, who runs the counselling practice says she hopes the site will prove to be a valuable resource to people who are afflicted by the addiction and encourage more of them to come forward for help.

“Many gamblers are unable to get the support they need through the private counselling route as money is typically tight and counselling is unaffordable” says Sainsbury. “It’s a real shame because individuals who have managed to get counselling after being caught up in a vicious cycle of gambling, losing and chasing losses, say it’s a relief to be able to talk to a counsellor. They often say it helps to share the misery of how gambling has led to lying, cheating, stealing, neglecting and betraying others.”

“Compulsive gamblers describe counselling as encouraging, comforting and calming” says Sainsbury. She also goes on to say how they value being able to talk with someone who won’t judge them. The counselling sessions will be run over several weeks and aim to help gambling addicts build a degree of self control and restore belief in their personal ability to withstand endless enticements to gamble through mobile, internet and off-line advertisements.

“Working with a counsellor who has specialist training can help an individual understand the unhealthy relationship he or she has formed with gambling and to begin to break gambling behaviour patterns”, says Sainsbury. “Gamblers usually report a growing sense of pride as they learn to regain control through the treatment process, developing personal coping strategies with the support of a counsellor”.

Claire Sainsbury is a BACP accredited counsellor and psychotherapist experienced in working with problem gamblers and affected others. Her counselling clinic, The Hove Counselling Practice, provides therapeutic support across a range of life problems including addiction, relationship issues, anxiety, depression and loss.

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