Gallant Launches Khabib Nurmagomedov Digital Asset and Trading Competition

The Khabib asset trading competition is set to launch August 1. Users can compete to win a signed photograph from Khabib’s famous win over Conor McGregor

July 27, 2020

Gallant Exchange CEO, Simon Grunfeld sat down with MMA Power Hour last week to announce the launch of the Khabib Nurmagomedov digital asset and trading competition.

“They are changing the playing field for fighters and athletes to be paid.” – Adam Roorda, Co-Owner & Host, MMA Power Hour

The Khabib Athlete asset is the first to be offered from Gallant Exchange. Sold and traded on the Gallant Exchange platform, the Khabib asset is tradable for other digital assets and used as a utility to participate in trading competitions, contests, raffles and more for real-world prizes such as collectibles, memorabilia, or experiences.

“We’re excited to launch the first trading competition this August with an asset celebrating a one-of-a kind fighter, with a one-of-a-kind collectible prize. Khabib is hands down the best that MMA has to offer to us fans – a soft spoken elite warrior in his class, Khabib has inspired millions to work hard, never give up and stay devoted to your cause. In short – a champion” – Simon Grunfeld, CEO, Gallant Exchange

The Gallant Exchange is designed for fans and athletes first, built to support the trading of Athlete assets as well as the largest cryptocurrencies. Athlete assets are minted on the ERC20 protocol, tradeable on the Gallant platform, and increase or decrease in value subject to market forces. As an asset holder, users can enter into trading competitions such as the Khabib competition this August for real-world collectibles and memorabilia of the respective athlete as an asset holder. In time, Gallant aims to provide more meaningful experience prizes, providing fans direct interaction with their favorite athlete. When the value of the prize increases, so does the difficulty to win.

In addition, Gallant hopes to provide endorsed or “Athlete Backed” assets by working with athletes directly to give fans ownership in athlete’s contracts, business ventures, or endorsements. Gallant’s Initial Player Offering (IPO), seeks to provide direct investment opportunities by securitizing an athlete’s contract or future endeavors.

The Khabib trading competition is the first of many trading competitions Gallant intends to provide over the coming months and across sports, including a Neymar asset trading competition planned for September. In continued dedication to its users, Gallant mints new Athlete assets and sets prizes based on user suggestions and interest. Gallant Exchange launched internationally this month and intends to open its market to US fans and traders later this year.

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About Gallant Exchange:

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