Gadolinium MRI Dye Injection Lawsuit Expert Attorneys Legal Services Launched

Tort Lawsuit Group announced a full range of legal solutions for individuals who believe they have suffered complications following a Gadolinium MRI dye injection. They help sufferers receive compensation and also pay for referrals.

Tort Lawsuit Group, a law firm based in Jacksonville, Florida, launched an updated range of services for individuals who have suffered complications after a Gadolinium MRI dye injection.

The firm works closely with each client to provide personalized guidance and help them obtain the maximum legally due compensation for their or their loved ones suffering.

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Tort Lawsuit Group service launch involves a team of legal experts specializing in Gadolinium MRI dye injection complications, helping clients benefit from professional legal representation.

MRI dye injections are delivered prior to an MRI scan to improve the quality of the MRI images. The contrast media or dye is injected into a vein and typically leaves the body within 24 hours – however, in certain cases, severe complications may appear.

The service update comes after a series of lawsuits have been filed against MRI dye manufactures for failing to warn the pubic about the risk associated with their products.

One of the most severe associated issues is nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF/NFD), a disease that affects the skin and internal organs and can be potentially fatal.

Symptoms of NSF/NFD include bone or joint pain, headaches, ligament or tendon pain, memory and other cognitive impairments, skin thickening, paleness or discoloration, and others.

Top medical clinics state that there is no universal NSF/NFD cure available, and existing treatments are not effective for all patients.

Tort Lawsuit Group states that contacting a legal expert is essential for individuals who believe they may experience complications after a MRI dye injection.

A spokesperson for Tort Lawsuit Group said: “If you or a loved one received a Gadolinium MRI dye injection for an MRI and now have complications or have been diagnosed with NSF/NFD Disease you may qualify for compensation as under this lawsuit.”

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