Gadgets Article Unveils Surprising Facts For Tech Users

The importance of good cleaning habits on tech gadgets and others details were unveiled in the new article by Clean Screen Wizard.

A very informative article, entitled “Is your Smartphone as dirty as a public toilet?” was published by the Danish company, Clean Screen Wizard; which covers all aspects of understanding the importance of tech gadgets regular cleaning habits. Those worried about hygiene especially of electronic devices, whose daily use increases with each new release or update, are invited to view the full article at:

This article discloses the results of a bacteriological laboratory studies, made on mobile devices, which has found large numbers of coliform, a bacteria responsible for some stomach affections, in most of the gadgets, in which case regular cleaning with glasses cleaning cloths is highly recommend with the same frequency that cleaning hands is suggested.

In discussions held with Johanna Rivero, Clean Screen Wizard Co-owner, said: “If we stop to look at the phone screen, computers, tablets or laptops, we will see reflections of grease which serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. This reality led to the publication of this article to prevent people from diseases caused by microorganisms that live in the exposed devices”.

Clean Screen Wizard product line is formed by the 6-Pack Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, The Microfiber sticker pad called Screen Pal, and coming soon the 4-Pack Microfiber Cleaner and Screen Protector.

Nowadays tech gizmos and gadgets are like a third arm for users; check the phone is often the first thing to do in the morning. Therefore to prevent contaminating microorganisms on the devices surface, cleaning habits should be a must on daily routine as taking a shower or brushing the teeth.

Microfiber users and tech enthusiastic can find more details about the topic on the company website:

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