FxBrokerFeed released its March weekly market recap

The end of March is round the bend to cap the first quarter of 2019. Forex Broker comparison service provider FXBrokerFeed, has published this weekly release, which recaps the latest news, and trends in the forex market.


FXBrokerFeed reiterates that eToro, a multi-asset market platform for investments ranging from stocks to cryptocurrencies, has continued to offer comprehensive analysis for their impressive forex portfolio during the week under consideration.

FXBrokerFeed had in earlier releases indicated that eToro is one of the world’s leading social trading platforms, with a strong and growing cryptofolio, and an established presence in over 140 global financial hubs.

FXBrokerFeed cites eToro’s enviable array of innovative tools, particularly their patented “CopyTrader” technology that enables clients monitor trading, and level of each portfolio performance in real time. FXBrokerFeed notes eToro’s accurate FX market analysis of Brexit uncertainties, dovish Federal Reserve rates, impact of Iran and Venezuela sanctions on oil prices, and China-US trade wars.


FXBrokerFeed’s review of Oanda’s market analysis of all investment assets under their portfolio during the week under consideration, confirm the platform’s impressive predictions utilizing effective online tools.

FXBrokerFeed reaffirms to the FX Market that “Oanda is an award winning FX Broker, and a world class multi-asset trading platform of choice”. “Oanda’s main focus has been on Capital Markets assets such as CFD stocks, fiat currencies, and less on cryptos’ during the week,” adds FXBrokerFeed.

FXBrokerFeed also commends the reliability and effectiveness of Oanda’s “own rates” and “Market Pulse” as effective tools that illuminates the capital markets, in a way that makes it possible for small traders, and institutional clients to make informed investment choices.

FXBrokerFeed notes Oanda’s dependable prediction of market trends, as impacted by Brexit, US-China trade spats, FOMC interest rates, rising gold prices, and oil prices occasioned by Iran and Venezuela sanctions.

FxBrokerFeed advises trateds to keep an eye on the brokers’ performance over the coming days, check out FXBrokerFeed’s full reports on https://fxbrokerfeed.com/reports/etoro/ or https://fxbrokerfeed.com/reports/oanda.com/

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