FxBrokerFeed delivers the Latest Updates from The World Of Forex And Crypto

Forex broker comparison service, FXBrokerFeed has recently published its weekly forex merchants advertise recap, containing the most recent news, patterns, and happenings in the trading world.

Forex broker comparison service, FxBrokerFeed has quite recently published its weekly forex brokers market recap, containing the most recent news, patterns, and happenings in the trading world.

Here is the latest news in the world of Forex and Crypto.


FxBrokerFeed presented in their weekly report the latest news about eToro who appeared to have concentrated a great deal on cryptocurrencies over the past few days. FxBrokerFeed also announced that with the sudden dips and rises in the Bitcoin price and the broad coverage of the method that the broker has offered, crypto is still the main focus. With the ongoing interest, according to FxBrokerFeed, eToro may plan expansion to more cryptocurrencies or new trading related highlights on their platform.

Interactive Brokers

FxBrokerFeed has announced on their platform that Interactive Brokers, the US-based brokerage firm with more than 40 years in the business, have reported that traders would now be able to connect their IBot to Amazon Alexa.

With these changes, FxBrokerFeed thinks that this will be a good change because now traders will be able to access account information, for example, card spending limits, payments, trades, news updates and other additional data on the fly. Generally, during the previous weeks, some of the world s most traded currencies have encountered serious variations and price swings.

According to FxBrokerFeed currently traders are trusting that a series of events in March Brexit, National bank gatherings in the United States, Eurozone and Japan and a potential eruption in worldwide exchange dispute will lift instability. FxBrokerFeed s weekly top trading platform pics have not changed much with FXPro, Swissquote, AvaTrade, and FXTM posting the best numbers, as indicated by FxBrokerFeeds social monitoring tools, regarding the positive/negative mentions proportion for the week. FxBrokerFeed is delivering important information about currency pairs and trading brokers 24/7 and is a fundamental tool that will help traders everywhere improve their trading experience.

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