Futurekits Offering Half Round Profile Trash Receptacles

Futurekits Inc. has half round trash receptacles on their website. These trash receptacles take up half the space for your trash disposal needs.

Long Island, NY – Futurekits Inc. has half round trashreceptacles on their website. These trash receptacles take up half the space. They can be used in a number of ways. Place them against the wall for out of the way waste management. Hang then on the wall to keep the floor clear. Put them under the desk to hidden papers that are thrown away. So the options are floor standing or hang them on the wall.

The Half Round Profile trash receptacles are available in brush Satin Aluminum, brushed Satin Brass tone and designer colors to match your particular design. They can be specifically designed by choosing the body color and the lid color that you desire. They can even be silk screened with your personal message or logo.

Half Round Profile Recycle receptacles with special lid openings and recycle symbol decals that are factory applied are available on www.futurekits.com. These recycle receptacles offer the same versatility as the regular half round receptacles but more. A business can specify which recycle waste should go where by placing these recycle receptacles in conspicuous areas and still not use up too much space. Specifications on them are:

·         Sizes:  30” high x 18” wide x  9” deep

·         Capacity:  6 gallon, 14 gallon, 16 gallon.

Model Options: Open Top, hinged closed top, closed top with side opening, ash tray top, recycle trash, recycle bottles, recycle paper, mixed recycle, dual purpose with two openings for glass, plastic and aluminum, all with decals to direct disposal options.

Business offices, school offices, teacher’s desk can use these trash cans. They can be used in rest rooms, hotel guest rooms and even outside. The half Round Profile Trash/Recycle Receptacles also come with ash tray option.

For more information on these Half Round Profile Receptacles Futurekits Inc. visit www.futurekits.com

Futurekits is a supplier of hotel supplies and hospitality furnishings. Futurekits has been in business in the United States for nearly 10 years. Offered to hotels, businesses, schools, universities, hospitals, etc. The product line includes bellman carts, trash receptacles, recycling receptacles and units, crowd control stanchions, umbrella stands, coat racks, garment racks, housekeeping carts, cigarette disposal units, sign displays and more.

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