Future Female Entrepreneur Program For Financial Success And Freedom Launched

An online platform has been launched aimed at future female entrepreneurs. My Design Tomorrow offers programs to help women become empowered to enjoy financial freedom and business success.

A new online platform has been launched providing specialized programs for women interested in becoming entrepreneurs, achieving financial success and gaining their freedom, in whichever shape or form this may translate to. The platform ‘My Design Tomorrow’ aims to help women reach their potential through their business and, in doing so, build their dreams, live with purpose and spend the time they would like to with their loved ones.

Find out more at https://www.mydesigntomorrow.com.

The newly launched online platform offers many different programs options, from an ‘Empowering Mindset’ online training, to a mastermind group ‘Live with Purpose’ and a coaching program ‘Business Growth Design’. The aim of the programs is to help current and future female entrepreneurs develop and grow their businesses so they can achieve financial freedom and live a fulfilled life.

Each program provides participants with videos, written instructions and live online sessions to guide them through the different concepts covered within the programs. Specifically designed journals and assignments provoke participants to discover who they are, what they want in life, as well as gain an empowering mindset to overcome challenges. Each and every one of us is the master of our destiny, although, sadly, not many realize it. Not many take their life in their own hands. They keep procrastinating, wishing for something good to happen, without defining what they want or without planning how to go after it. Several studies have shown that, as low as 36% of the people are aware of who they are and what thoughts and emotions are driving them on a daily basis.

Participation takes place weekly or monthly depending on the program. The courses are designed to help participants become solution-focused so they overcome fear, doubt, negative thinking and lack of confidence. Participants will receive the necessary tools and techniques, as well as the necessary support in order to grow and move forward.

Having an empowering mindset will help women create innovative businesses and digital products and give them the necessary steps to become successful. This includes finding their passion, developing the right mindset for success, creating their programs, marketing them, gaining online visibility and identifying appropriate business strategies. The fact is that business owners have limited time, resources and knowledge. The faster women acknowledge it the quicker they are able to grow their business. In this respect, the programs will also help women discover their potential as leaders, attract the right people and build a team which can support them in their journey towards success.

Women who attend any one of the programs will discover their true selves, while gaining clarity in several areas of their lives. They will learn what makes them happy, how to change negative patterns and eliminate self-doubt, how changing their inner world will change their perception and attitude towards their external world, how to overcome fears, accept their past and rise above.

The programs are a minimum of three months and are suitable for female business owners and those who wish to create their business. After the initial three months, participants can remain in their chosen program for as long as they need.

Diana Popa, the founder and CEO of ‘My Design Tomorrow’, said: “The moment women take control over their mind they become the owner of their life. We can help women who wish to take action and transform their lives through an empowering mindset. We believe it is time to see more women leading and inspiring. My Design Tomorrow teaches women to overcome their fears and take action, develop goals to help them live a happier life, and apply small and easy techniques with life-changing benefits.”

To find out more, you are invited to visit the https://www.mydesigntomorrow.com.

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