Funny Police T-Shirts With Keep Calm Law Enforcement Sayings & Slogans Launched

The prominent film activist and fashion designer Rafiq Small launched a range of limited-edition funny police t-shirts with multiple original, fashionable and significant designs inspired by his police reform PSA tailored to ensure maximum comfort and style while taking a stand and raising awareness.

A new collection of funny police t-shirts with a diverse range of innovative, unique and fashionable designs inspired by the popular police reform PSA, entitled ‘Tighten Up: Part 1’, has been launched.

More information is available on the funny police t-shirts’ GearBubble storefront at

The unique range of limited-edition funny police t-shirts combining different original designs and catch-phrases with calls to action on the back were idealized and developed by the film activist and fashion designer Rafiq Small to raise awareness to his popular police reform PSA and get average citizens to become active, join the movement or participate in the debate in a fun and fashionable manner.

The newly released funny police shirts available in multiple colors and sizes are entirely made in the USA out of high-quality breathable and lightweight fabric with superior softness – 100% Sofspun® cotton – and contemporary silhouette fitted through the chest and sleeves along with narrow, set-in 1×1 rib collar with a clean neckline, specifically tailored to ensure the utmost comfort and style while taking a stand and raising awareness.

More information on the range of fashionable funny police shirts, its multiple unique designs, including multiple funny and significant ‘Keep Calm’, ‘I Love Justice’ or ‘No Bullying’ messages along with details on the shipping policies, and more, can be consulted on the prominent GearBubble e-store/e-commerce platform at the website link provided above.

A teaser of Rafiq Small’s ‘Tighten Up: Part 1’ police reform PSA, currently registering over 25k views, is also available through the funny police t-shirts storefront on GearBubble and more on the highly popular PSA can be requested by texting POPO to 58885.

The shirt designer, activist and film maker, Rafiq Small, explains that “most people don’t consider themselves activists, but these shirts make it easy for the average citizen to participate and become active in a fun way, even if it’s passive”.

He adds that “although the subject of police reform is a very serious issue, these limited-edition shirts are designed to poke fun at the obvious in order to spark dialogue. Furthermore, activist t shirts do not have to be boring, much less unfashionable”.

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