Funnel Secrets Sam Bakker 2017 Targeted Customer Journey Sales Booster Launched

Sam Bakker has launched a new marketing and sales tool for businesses in any niche, called Funnel Secrets. It helps site owners to create a tailored visitor journey to encourage more sales.

Sam Bakker has launched a new marketing tool called Funnel Secrets, which helps business owners by showing them how to create tailored customer journeys on their company website. This can help to retain visitors for longer, engage them in new ways, and ultimately boost sales of products and services.

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By tailoring the customer journey to guide them to making a sale with engaging and effective consumer based pages, business owners can offer a visual representation of the steps required to sell products and services in the most effective way.

By creating these customer journey centric pages, and building sites around them, businesses in any niche can take their company to the next level, increasing the visitors they get from organic avenues and boosting sales.

This marketing approach is based around a seven step process that boosts the effectiveness of websites and helps them to put the emphasis on selling. The first step is in ensuring a heightened sense of awareness. Using Funnel Secrets, business owners can boost their brand awareness so that customers know that the company exists.

From there, they can educate the web browser about their products and services, underscoring what’s unique about them and showing them the reasons they need to make a purchase. This is the education phase, which leads into the next step: evaluation.

In the evaluation stage, customers need to decide for themselves if the product will benefit them. Site owners can help them along with carefully planned sites that offer the right information at the right time.

In the engagement stage, prospects have got all the information they need, and all they need after this is a slight nudge to convince them to act. Here, they will either commit to making a purchase or not, and the content of the site is key in influencing this decision.

Other aspects include making the commitment, purchasing the products or services, and becoming a repeat customer. This is something that Funnel Secrets can help with. Full details are provided on the URL above, with additional information at:

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