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A team of seasoned digital marketers who specialize in funnel development have launched a thirty-day challenge designed to help those who would like to create a successful online business.

Four digital marketing experts have collaborated to create the “One Funnel Away Challenge.” The team comprises Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, Stephen Larsen, and Brian Brewer. The “Challenge” is for new internet marketers to complete the course and make their first sale.

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Russell Brunson, creator of ClickFunnels software was inspired to form this team and has launched this venture with these seasoned pros to help online marketers succeed in the creation and launch of what is known in the internet marketing world as a funnel. A funnel is an internet marketing tool that takes a visitor to a website down a path to a decision. It can result in a sale or a request for more information or in the case of a brick-and-mortar business, an order or visit.

This “Challenge” provides participants with thirty days of video lessons. It gives each candidate thirty days of hands-on coaching to help them get off to a fast start and stay on track. Through the development of a customized kit and step-by-step instructions, each enrollee in this course can become successful. Other provisions have been made for those who take the challenge. Those include a physical copy of the challenge workbook, an MP3 player, unlimited access to interviews, and two comma club interviews.

The goal of this system is to give the user the degree of competency required to set up funnels for both online and brick and mortar businesses. They can do this for themselves or develop a specialized digital marketing company that grows and provides an ongoing monthly income by serving clients that need their help.

The advantages of this program include the development of online skills that are attractive to businesses that are in almost any small town or city. Once the thirty days are completed students can be confident in approaching local businesses with a solid answer to their need to develop an online department for their company.

Most offline businesses have an extensive list of vendors and a mailing list. These two facts empower those who do the work involved this challenges the platform to take the local businesses in their community into the digital world.

A company spokesman said, “This course was created when the pandemic began. Our team felt that it was our moral obligation to put our minds together and give those who wanted to work at home a solid chance at becoming a successful entrepreneur.”

The launch of the “One Funnel Away Challenge” by this competent team is designed to help aspiring internet marketers around the world.

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