Funnel Design for small and medium-size companies starts on the 09/11/2020.

Keen Funnel announced the availability of their new Funnel Design Service beginning 09/11/2020. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest Funnel Design Service will soon be able to get involved with Keen Funnel. Today Mario, Chief Marketing Officer at Keen Funnel, releases details of the new Funnel Design Service’s development:

The Funnel Design Service is designed to appeal specifically to Small Businesses. Keen Funnel will perform this service through our tool ‘The Funnel Designer 2.0’, which will enable us:

Create Beautiful Funnel Maps

Use Hypothetical Or Actual Data from customers

Simulate Traffic & Ad Campaigns

Issue Simulation & Optimization Reports

Report Deviations

Suggest Corrective Actions

This is great news for the consumers as The Funnel Designer 2.0 lets Keen Funnel model and simulate the potential profit of any marketing funnel or business idea before they create landing pages or buy digital media – which saves their time & money.

Customers who invest in the service likely appreciate it because The Funnel Designer 2.0 is the perfect way to help them optimize & scale their results. They can then plan new expansions to their funnels, as well as analyze “What If?” scenarios, such as a change in product prices, offers, conversions, traffic costs, or other modifications to their business — and see how those variables can affect their revenue, profit, and other metrics.

For those who are building their first online business is also recommended to hire this service because it is crucial to create a simulated model of the products they are thinking about selling before setting up a single web page or spending money on traffic. They can get a handle on how all the numbers & marketing pieces will work.

Mario, when asked about the Funnel Design Service said:

“Plan your next big online business idea or optimize & scale existing business counting at all times on our advice”

This is the latest offering from Keen Funnel and Mario is particularly excited about this launch because the market hasn’t seen anything quite like it before.

Price: From € 249,00 per project.

Those interested in learning more about Keen Funnel and their Funnel Design Service scan do so on the website at:

Release ID: 88984892