Funnel Boss Omar Martin 2016 List Building Website Booster Video Course Launched

Omar Martin has announced the launch of Funnel Boss, a new video training course that showcases the power of funnel based websites. Every aspect of funnel building is covered, from beginner modules to advanced tactics.

A new video training course has launched that teaches individual users and business owners how they can create funnels, a website or page that acts as a visual representation of how a conversion proceeds in linear fashion from customer awareness to customer action. Through employing this device on a business site, companies can create customers by transforming leads into prospects and, finally, customers.

More information is available on the Funnel Boss website at:

The site explains that funnel websites can turn browsers into customers even if they had no idea about the company previously, or were on the fence about a product or service. The first part of this process is generating leads, which are driven to a landing page that takes the shape of an inverted pyramid.

It goes on to say that at the top of the pyramid, the net is cast wide, so the business can generate as much traffic as possible, bring in potential customers from within and outside their niche. The more leads that are brought in, the more can click through the funnel to be converted into customers by the end of the process.

The Funnel Boss training course will show interested parties how they can create their own funnels from scratch, regardless of their business niche. Through the different modules, students will learn tricks they can employ to increase traffic, leads and sales of their product or service.

It explains the keys to a successful funnel as having a viral component, and being set up in the right order. The viral component is needed, because it needs to attract at least two new prospects for each person that enters, and the order is crucial because a carefully crafted process raises impulses and increases the customer’s propensity to convert over time.

The training course comprises of five videos, which cover basic building concepts using a whiteboard on screen drawing technique. Advanced funnel tactics are also covered, including welcome pages, download pages, and membership sites.

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