Funerals, Cremations and Burials Offered to Greenwood, New York

For affordable and high-quality funerals, burials and cremations in the Greenwood, New York area, please use the services of the Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home. Information about the goods and services provided there can be found at

Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home has provided high-quality final arrangements to the Greenwood, New York area since 1880. The funeral directors of Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home give compassionate service to all of the families that they serve. They are experienced and committed to offering services that will best accommodate the needs and desires of each family. They respect all faiths and cultures, and they strive to produce ceremonies that are most fitting to the deceased and have meaning. The funeral directors of Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home are always available to the community and welcome the opportunity to arrange tours of their beautiful facilities. Please visit to learn more about their services.

A funeral is a socially-acceptable means of collectively grieving for the dead. The funeral directors of Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home provide several end-of-life services that honor the varying expectations of families that have lost a loved one to death. They offer traditional funerals, memorial gatherings and celebrations-of-life, which are becoming more frequently selected. If one would like to have a discussion as to the significant value that funeral services hold, please contact the funeral directors of Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home at 718-435-3381.

The funeral service professionals at Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home provide comprehensive burial services. They assist families in choosing the cemetery and the specific burial plot. They also help in casket and burial vault selection. Additionally, they work with families to pick out the headstone or grave marker and making the arrangements to have it inscribed. Because of their close working relationships with local cemetery managers, they are the perfect guides to counsel families on such matters. The funeral directors of Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home offer a range of burial service options such as simple burials where a staff member oversees the interment. They specialize in graveside services. They also have impressive capabilities at providing traditional funerals followed by a ground burial. Their burial services may be adjusted to meet the requirements of each family. For a wide array of caskets to choose from, please view the Matthews Casket Selections and Matthews Casket Lithography Booklet found on the website listed above.

The funeral directors of Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home also have green or natural burial options where the deceased is interred in a bio-degradable casket, shroud or favorite blanket. This choice avoids the use of embalming chemicals and concrete vaults and preserves the natural state of the burial site to the highest degree possible. A family may opt to plant native trees, shrubs and flowers in the decedent’s memory.

As an alternative means to burial for dealing with human remains, the funeral directors of Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home offer affordable quality cremation options. They guarantee the prompt and accurate completion and filing of all required documentation, including the death certificate and cremation permit. They provide for traditional cremation services, where there is a funeral service preceding the cremation process, with the loved one placed in a cremation or rental casket. A visitation or wake can be planned to occur prior to the funeral ceremony. A memorial gathering can also be held in honor of the departed after the cremation has taken place, and can occur in the setting of the family’s preference. Lastly, direct cremation services may be procured from the funeral directors of Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home. This service lacks any viewing or ceremony, and begins at $800 plus cash advance items and services for the 5 boroughs of New York. The package includes the handling of all necessary paperwork, a simple alternative container for the cremation and getting the cremated remains from the crematorium to be brought to the funeral home. The cremains of a loved one can be held in a decorative urn, a variety of which can be viewed in the Matthews Urn Catalog and Love Urns Catalog. Keepsakes are displayed in the Glass Remembrance Catalog. All three collections may be accessed at–kee….

In addition to urgent need funeral planning, the funeral directors of Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home cater to those who want to pre-arrange their funerals. Please contact them today to pre-plan and pre-fund a funeral, leaving the purchaser in control of all details and protecting his or her family from the costs and decision-making that accompany funeral arranging. Pre-paid funerals are exempt from the rising costs of funeral products, services and facilities on everything except cash advance items. One may initiate the pre-planning process by utilizing the Online Pre-Arrangements Form found on the Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home website.

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