Funeral Shipping to Haiti

For prompt and respectful funeral shipping to Haiti, please use the services of Frank J. Barone Funeral Home. More information on their international shipping services can be found at

Serving Kensington, Brooklyn, the staff of Frank J. Barone Funeral provides prompt and economical funeral shipping to and from Haiti. They have extensive experience with the regulations and protocols of shipping remains throughout the world, especially to and from the Caribbean. Please allow the compassionate and detail-oriented funeral directors of Frank J. Barone Funeral Home to use their expertise to transport departed loved ones to or from Haiti. For more information, readers are invited to visit the webpage–i….

Repatriation issues can be complex, and the funeral directors of Frank J. Barone Funeral Home are trained and skilled to provide this service with dignity and efficiency. They schedule all flights needed and provide the family with options including the fastest routes and the most affordable ones. The air tray needed for shipment is included in the quoted price. They see to the transportation of the loved one either going to or coming from the airport. Frank J. Barone Funeral Home and its funeral directors are all licensed to receive human remains in New York State. They handle the processing and translations of all documents required by the consulates of other countries. They have the contacts and industry knowledge to perform the task of international mortuary shipping respectfully while keeping costs low. They have provided this service to families and funeral homes across the county for years. Families are encouraged to call them at 1-718-629-2047 so that they may serve as a resource, providing assistance and answering questions without establishing any obligations.

The funeral directors of Frank J. Barone Funeral Home know that each family keeps its own customs and religious or spiritual beliefs. They work hard to accommodate these differences to provide a service that honors the departed. They are available to arrange for funeral services at their peaceful facilities or to co-ordinate with the receiving funeral home to ensure a seamless service. If the service is to be held at their funeral parlor, they prepare the loved one in accordance to the strictest of standards. If there is to be a service in the destination country as well they utilize extra preservation techniques.

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