Funeral Services Provided to Westerleigh, NY

For quality and affordable assistance with funerals, burials and cremations in Westerleigh, NY, please contact Cherubini McInerney Funeral Home. More information is available at

The funeral directors of Cherubini McInerney Funeral Home care deeply for the families of Westerleigh, NY. That is why they immediately answer their calls for assistance with making final arrangements. These compassionate funeral professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide information, guidance, support and help to families in need. While any business requires a dedicated and professional staff in order to succeed, the funeral industry in particular demands extreme levels of kindness and attention to detail. To learn more about the crucial services provided by this well-respected funeral firm, please visit

The experienced funeral arrangers of Cherubini McInerney Funeral Home assist families of all backgrounds in designing commemorative services for their loved ones. Funerals allow survivors the opportunity to thoroughly contemplate the meaning of a life and to consider its impact on the family and friends of the deceased. While there is no set standard for a funeral service, it is a time to share memories, thoughts and feelings about the departed. By planning a fitting and meaningful event, a family creates an intensely healing experience for all who attend. The funeral directors and supporting personnel at Cherubini McInerney Funeral Home strive to celebrate the relationships that the loved one had and to foster an atmosphere of caring, comfort and support.

The traditional format of end-of-life plans is the complete funeral service. In this service, the funeral directors prepare the deceased for a family or public viewing. Bodily preparations include cleaning, sanitizing, embalming, cosmetizing, hair-styling, dressing, casketing and applying the restorative arts if necessary. Subsequent to the viewing or visitation is the service, which usually takes place in a church or at the funeral home. The final portion of the service is the final disposition of the casketed remains, via either above ground or earth entombment.

Another option that families have is to arrange for a graveside service. Usually occurring after a visitation period at the funeral home, a graveside service is a simple and dignified ceremony performed at the burial site in the cemetery which is followed by the interment of the casketed remains.

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