Funeral Services Provided in Springfield, OH

For highly personalized and affordable funerals and life celebrations in Springfield, OH, please contact Jackson Lytle & Lewis Life Celebration Center. Details on their exclusive features and amenities are found at

Jackson Lytle & Lewis Life Celebration Center has been serving the families of Springfield, OH for more than a century with total commitment. It is a unique funeral home that provides unmatched service. It was locally acknowledged as the Best Funeral Home in Springfield for five successive years and owner Frank Lewis was nationally recognized as the runner-up for Funeral Director of the Year by the American Funeral Director in 2015. Jackson Lytle & Lewis Life Celebration Center is a distinguished funeral firm that has many exclusive amenities and features. For further details, please visit

Jackson Lytle & Lewis Life Celebration Center was specially designed to hold both celebrations-of-life and traditional funeral services. This facility offers families spacious, comfortable and pristine areas in which to gather rather than small, divided accommodations. This prevents any guests from being forced to wait outside before being able to give their condolences to the grieving family.

Jackson Lytle & Lewis Life Celebration Center also includes a family tree with custom picture frames provided by the funeral directors. This space has two keepsake cabinets to show treasured family photographs in a professional and aesthetic manner. The furniture and interior design of this funeral parlor is bright and encouraging, having a custom-built fireplace, cozy couches and pub tables. This increases the ease and comfort of mourners, especially elders.

Jackson Lytle & Lewis Life Celebration Center gives each family it serves two complimentary Life Tribute DVDs to serve as keepsakes and tools to promote healing after this tremendous loss. The compassionate funeral directors also provide a Life Tribute Candle at no additional charge. They offer special cards for family and friends to share their memories of the loved one, and these too can serve as cherished keepsakes.

Jackson Lytle & Lewis Life Celebration Center has a banquet room on the premises for repasts and receptions to meet the catering needs of families and fellow attendees at no cost. It is always available to families as a private setting for a meal, it avoids the need to travel to a separate location, it gracefully seats 50 people and is equipped with a 133 inch flat screen television and a projector. There is also a private family lounge complete with a message chair, mini-fridge and fireplace. Families may retreat there to relax and compose themselves during the service, if needed. There is a children’s room that contains a chalk board wall, films, coloring material, bean bag seating and more. It provides kids with a safe place to go if they are overwhelmed by the service or simply need to be entertained.

The funeral directors of Jackson Lytle & Lewis Life Celebration Center pride themselves on providing bereaved families with highly personalized services of commemoration for their loved ones. Therefore, they employ four certified celebrants, the only ones in the city, to assist families in designing ceremonies that are both fitting and meaningful. For those who would prefer a woman’s touch in the crafting of the life celebration of a loved one, they have the only female funeral director in Clark County.

The funeral professionals of Jackson Lytle & Lewis Life Celebration Center care deeply for families, the local community and the nation at large. Therefore, they sponsor the Child/Grandchild Program in which they donate their expert services to families who are in the tragic circumstance of making final arrangements for a child or grandchild aged 21 years or less. They also have the Public Service Program through which they donate their time, effort and skills for the end-of-life plans of any public servant who perishes in the line of duty. In addition, they offer reduced pricing to veterans who pre-arrange their funerals as a show of appreciation for their selfless service.

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