Funeral Pre Planning provided to New Rochelle NY

How will your life be remembered? Whether you have certain wishes for your final goodbye or maybe you want to take care of the details so your family doesn’t have to, Pelham Funeral Home is here to help you plan whatever service you wish.

Considering pre planning a funeral in New Rochelle NY? Pelham Funeral Home,, located in Pelham, NY serves the families of New Rochelle and has the answers.

Preplanning a funeral may easily sound like a daunting task, but leaving family members to plan a funeral is even more stressful, according to leading psychologists. Time spent on arguing about remains and color schemes, should really be spent celebrating a life lived and remembering a loved one fondly. Attending a memorial service is however a definitive part of the healing process and should be as unique as the life lived. Preplanning a funeral ensures that family members can spend more time healing and less time worrying. Even just selecting a funeral home is a daunting task. At Pelham Funeral Home, they take preplanning a funeral very seriously and have mastered the art of making people feel welcome and comfortable, even when discussing funeral arrangements.

Family members might not really know how a loved one would have liked to be remembered. They have to make up to 200 decisions for a memorial service, including casket decorations and obituaries, not to mention the financial concerns associated with funeral arrangements. This will all add to a family’s stress in an already stressful time. Funeral Pre planning may take away some of the grief and stress associated with the loss of a loved one, and no one does it better than Pelham Funeral Home and Cremation Services serving the residents of New Rochelle NY and surrounding areas.

Knowing how a life will be celebrated, planned and paid for in advance is the greatest gift of love one can give their family members even after their life has been taken away. It will also give the person preplanning their funeral, the comfort and ease of mind to know that their memorial service or cremation, or whichever options they choose, will be a unique tribute to a life well lived. A memorial service can be celebrated exactly how the person wishes.

Pelham Funeral Home is aware that not many people know what preplanning a funeral or memorial service entails and that is why Pelham Funeral Home has an easy work sheet that can be downloaded and filled in providing the user clarity on their funeral pre-planning options. A licensed funeral director can speak to the person who filled out the form to discuss the memorial service and many more things in detail. A loved one can take the time and fill in the form with details and from a sound mind and heart, not a heart filled with deep grief and confusion. Requests and decisions can be made rationally regarding the remains, as this is another heavy decision that can tear families apart. Knowing what a loved one wanted takes away many issues and opportunities for arguing among loving family members and is a clear and concise way of telling family members they are loved and cared for through the wonderful benefits that planning a funeral does for a family.

Since 1946, celebrating life is Pelham Funeral Home’s objective and expertise. They know how to help families in times of grief. To further honor a loved one in funeral preplanning, they also offer “The Exclusive Pelham Family Guide.” This is provided to families to begin sharing the story of their loved one’s life.

Should a family member have arranged and pre planned a funeral in New Rochelle NY or surrounding areas and towns, the remaining, loving family members can now take the time they would have used for making hundreds of small decisions, for grief counselling and healing, and for celebrating a unique life.

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