Funeral Pre Planning Provided to Florissant, MO

For quality funeral pre planning services for Florissant, MO, please use Tiffany A. Smith Life Memorial Centre. More information is available at

Tiffany A. Smith Life Memorial Centre is proud to provide funeral pre planning services to Florissant, MO. Planning one’s final arrangements in advance of need is a wise act since it allows a person to prepare for an inevitable occurrence while they are calm, rational and have plenty of time. Most people plan ahead for significant life events such as weddings, the purchase of a home and the birth of a child. One’s funeral should be no exception. The compassionate funeral professionals of Tiffany A. Smith Life Memorial Centre are always available to offer information, advice and guidance in the selection of end-of-life merchandise, services and facilities. They are also able to educate people on their pre-funding options. Please learn further details at

Giving one’s funeral pre plan to a trusted family member, friend or funeral director will promote one’s peace of mind. He or she will be secure in the knowledge that their wishes have been put into writing and will be followed. They have the opportunity to decide how they would like their physical remains dealt with, be it through cremation, interment or entombment. They can also choose the specific elements of their final arrangements such as the desired casket, the funeral home used, the special person who will orate their eulogy, the content of their obituary, the type of funeral flowers that will be displayed and who should be invited to the service. Seeing these manifestations of the person’s individuality will be source of comfort to surviving loved ones. Also, the person’s family will no longer be responsible for making these deeply personal and sometimes difficult decisions on the person’s behalf. As one’s family will be in mourning, alleviating this emotional burden will allow them more time and energy to dedicate to grieving and healing. This will also prevent any questions, disagreements or arguments among family members about how to pay tribute and arrange the final disposition.

Although not required in funeral pre planning, pre-paying one’s funeral has many benefits. First, it prevents the financial obligations of one’s funeral from falling upon their family. Also, completely pre-funding a plan shields the purchaser from the ravaging effects of inflation since it locks in today’s prices for the selected items, services and amenities. Since end-of-life matters have been attended to, more of one’s assets and insurance policy proceeds will go to the buyer’s intended beneficiaries.

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