Funeral Pre Planning Provided to East Point, GA

For quality funeral pre planning services in the area of East Point, GA, please contact Goolsby Mortuary. More information on the benefits of doing so can be found at

Goolsby Mortuary would like to assist the residents of East Point, GA with their funeral pre planning needs. There are many benefits to pre-arranging a funeral- some are financial and others are emotional. The compassionate funeral arrangers of Goolsby Mortuary would be honored to discuss the specifics of a funeral pre plan, including which selections among end-of-life products, services and facilities are most appropriate in light of each individual’s circumstances, preferences and budget. They are also knowledgeable on various payment options that can be utilized to pre-fund a funeral plan. For more information, please visit the webpage….

Pre planning prevents one’s family from bearing the burden of making personal and complex decisions on one’s behalf. Already overwhelmed by deep grief and confusion as a result of the loss, the family is spared wondering if they are making the right choices in terms of commemoration and in dealing with the physical remains. Pre planning allows a person to talk openly with their loved ones about death in a calm and rational way and ensure that his or her desires for their final arrangements are respected in every detail. The planner has all the time required to make intelligent and informed selections. Seeing elements of the deceased’s personality and individuality reflected in the funeral service will be a source of comfort to family and friends.

Although not needed to pre plan a funeral, pre-payment provides the purchaser with numerous advantages. First, paying for one’s own funeral in advance of need protects their family from having to pay for it during an already difficult time. They will surely appreciate this thoughtful and considerate final gift of love. Pre-funding with insurance permits the buyer to pay for an inevitable future occurrence at current prices, avoiding the ravaging effects of inflation and unforeseen price increases. The death benefit of a pre-funded life insurance policy increases with time to accommodate for inflation. When funeral costs are taken care of ahead of time, remaining assets and life insurance proceeds will be unaffected by the demise and more will go to the intended beneficiaries. The funding for the funeral plan is completely safe, guaranteed by Fortis Family, a highly affluent and respected industry leader.

For those eligible for Medicaid, a preneed funeral contract is a permissible way to Spend Down assets. As opposed to other investments, a correctly structured and funded preneed agreement will not be countable if one joins a nursing home.

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