Funeral Pre Planning Provided to East Hanover, NJ

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Funeral pre planning with S.J. Priola Parsippany Funeral Service provides many emotional benefits. Its pre planning advisors encourage those living in East Hanover, NJ to gain their assistance in arranging a funeral in advance of need. This should be a natural decision since it allows one to plan for an inevitable event while they are calm, rational and have plenty of time. To learn more, please visit

Funeral pre planning involves setting time aside to contemplate and write down one’s wishes in terms of final arrangements. It is a process that will provide peace of mind to an individual and his or her family. This considerate act will reduce the stress and burden on surviving family members. They will no longer have to guess at what the loved one would have wanted for his or her commemoration and final disposition. By making one’s end-of-life desires clear, their family will not fall prey to disagreements or arguments as to how much to spend. After committing one’s choices to writing, the person would then give the funeral plan to a relative, friend or funeral director that they trust. The funeral professionals of S.J. Priola Parsippany Funeral Service will enact one’s pre plan to the letter.

Pre planning therefore allows a person to infuse their personality, accomplishments, interests, hobbies and lifestyle into their funeral service. Mourners will find comfort in experiencing these elements of the loved one’s individuality. One can choose the person who will deliver their eulogy, who will officiate their service, indicate their pallbearers, pick a casket and write their own obituary, among other decisions.

Anyone can pre plan their funeral- there are no health restrictions or physical exams. Pre-funding a funeral also comes with its advantages. In addition to protecting one’s family from the financial responsibilities of one’s funeral, pre-payment provides the purchaser with a price guarantee on the goods, services and facilities that have been paid for. This neutralizes the effects of inflation and one’s intended beneficiaries will receive all the assets and life insurance proceeds that one leaves behind.

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