Funeral Pre Planning Provided to Atlanta Georgia

The average cost for an adult funeral is $6,500 and is expected to increase. Rising costs include caskets, burial plots, and markers, funeral vehicles,legal paperwork and other necessary details. Funeral Preplanning locks in these expenditures at today's prices, regardless of these costs in the future.

Last year, the world lost several celebrities to death. Among them were Prince, David Bowie and Carrie Fisher. One article about this saddening trend is found at These sudden losses are reminders of the nature of mortality and the importance of setting one’s affairs in order. Goolsby Mortuary provides comprehensive service to the Atlanta GA area for funeral pre-planning, which assists individuals in giving a final, most compassionate gift to the people they leave behind.

Although detailing the arrangements for one’s own passing may seem morbid, even depressing, it is a sound decision, both logistically and financially. By pre-planning one’s funeral, a person remains in control of his or her own final arrangements in every detail. This will make the funeral process run more smoothly, as everything has already been decided by the loved one in question and nothing is left to the guesswork of remaining relatives. It also prevents arguments and disagreements amongst surviving family members, who are already in a state of deep grief and shock, as to how to celebrate the life of the deceased. These arrangements can be made on behalf of a family member or friend.

In addition to easing the emotional burden on loved ones, the gift of pre-arranging helps them financially. Funerals and other end-of-life services can be expensive, and paying for one’s own ceremony in advance will keep these costs from falling upon those closest to the departed. Pre-funding locks in guaranteed prices for merchandise, services and facilities, which halts the unavoidable monetary increase of obtaining these things due to inflation.

Goolsby Mortuary features a convenient pre plan checklist, and an on-line pre planning form Families can make important decisions in the privacy of their own home with this valuable but simple online pre-planning form. The website also features 14 Reasons Why Preplanning and Pre-funding Benefits families and their Loved Ones. Pre-arranging a funeral need not be a difficult process. One can begin making these important plans with Goolsby Mortuary, a caring and compassionate funeral home serving the families of Atlanta Georgia and the surrounding areas. If a family would prefer to talk to someone about these matters face to face, he or she may contact a funeral director at Goolsby Mortuary by calling 404-588-0128 at any time, day or night. The experienced personnel there will set up a confidential conference where costs, benefits and specific desires may be discussed.

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