Funeral Home With Private Crematory Services Orland Park, Illinois

Colonial Chapel Funeral Home & Crematory in Orland Park, Illinois has a private crematory for the families they serve. They also provide funerals, burials, memorial services and celebrations-of-life. For more information, please visit

Colonial Chapel Funeral Home & Crematory is the only funeral home in Orland Park, Illinois with its own privately operated on-site crematory. This crematory is exclusively used for the families that they service. In addition to having this extraordinary feature, this funeral home provides funeral, burial and graveside services. The funeral directors also arrange for memorial services and celebrations-of-life that follow the cremation. To learn more about the services offered by Colonial Chapel Funeral Home & Crematory, please visit

Families should not feel constrained by rules when planning a funeral. They should incorporate whatever is meaningful to them or to the loved one. They should allow those who were close to the departed an opportunity to speak at the event, which will help to illuminate the life of the loved one for all those in attendance. Items and memorabilia that were important to the deceased may also be included in the ceremony, bringing the essence of the loved one even deeper into the service. The funeral directors of Colonial Chapel Funeral Home & Crematory are skilled at preparing the deceased. Should a family decide to hold a wake, visitation or viewing, it can rest assured that its loved one will be perfectly cleaned, sanitized, dressed, cosmetized, casketed and embalmed, if necessary. A simple and elegant graveside service is another choice that a family has. It can be officiated by a clergy person, relative, the funeral director or a friend. For funerals and burials, the funeral directors will assist in casket and burial vault selection. They can also help the family to choose a cemetery and burial plot.

The funeral directors of Colonial Chapel Funeral Home & Crematory provide traditional cremation services, a memorial gathering after the cremation and direct cremations. Traditional cremation services resemble those conducted before a ground burial. A memorial service, or a more personalized celebration-of-life, can also be arranged. A direct cremation comes absent any viewing or ceremony, but includes transportation from the place of death directly to the crematory and the completion of necessary documents. All options are provided in an efficient, dignified and respectful manner. Please contact the funeral directors of Colonial Chapel Funeral Home & Crematory for all urgent need and pre-planned final arrangements services.

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