Funeral Home Hollis, NY Provides Cremations and Traditional Burials

Paul Lane Funeral Home, Inc. provides the Hollis, NY community with dignified funeral and cremation services. For more details, please visit

Paul Lane Funeral Home, Inc. offers top quality funeral and cremation services and also provides excellent funeral merchandise to those living in Hollis, New York. It handles direct cremations, cremations with a funeral service beforehand and cremations with a memorial gathering that takes place afterward. It also provides environmentally-friendly options, such as Green Burial and Green Cremation. For those who are spiritual and not religious, Celebrant Services are available. Featuring a peaceful chapel, reception area, sitting area and lounge, Paul Lane Funeral Home, Inc. is the ideal place to officially mourn the passing of a loved one. For further details of all the options and facilities available, please go to

With an open-door policy, the funeral directors at Paul Lane Funeral Home, Inc. are always accessible to families for support, information and services. They distinguish themselves from the competition and provide well-orchestrated funeral arrangements both for immediate need funerals and for pre-planned end-of-life services. They give families a serene environment where relatives and friends can come together in remembrance and celebration of the departed. They respect the time-honored customs and traditions practiced in the community. They also offer services to the area at large with educational seminars and bereavement programs. The funeral professionals at Paul Lane Funeral Home, Inc. treat each family to the customized funeral home services that they deserve. Always transparent, the funeral directors at Paul Lane Funeral Home, Inc. have earned the reputation of being honest and of having integrity. They always strive to exceed the expectations of grieving families.

A family will make over 200 decisions within the first few days of losing a loved one. The funeral directors at Paul Lane Funeral Home, Inc. will assist families with the choices to be made at every step of the process. By helping to create the most fitting tribute to honor the experiences and accomplishments of the deceased, they provide comfort to survivors. They will aid in the selection of goods, such as the casket, cremation urn or burial vault, as well as help families choose a cemetery, grave plot or mausoleum. This support is offered with the family’s budget and preferences in mind.

The funeral directors at Paul Lane Funeral Home, Inc. will compose the obituary of the loved one, and distribute it to the newspaper publications of the family’s choosing. They guide families in the creation of a lovely and perpetual online memorial, where precious photographs and memories may be recorded. They will expertly prepare the departed for services with cleaning, sanitizing, embalming, dressing, hairstyling, casketing, the applying of cosmetology and if needed, the restorative arts. They welcome the attendees to the funeral home for services such as a wake, visitation, funeral or memorial ceremony. Whether held at a religious place of worship, Paul Lane Funeral Home, Inc., the cemetery or some other setting, the funeral directors will see to all needed arrangements.

They have packages that include handsome printed materials, including book marks, memorial folders, prayer cards and individualized note cards to thank guests for their support. The funeral directors will help families craft a memorial DVD to be played at the ceremony, with a copy given to the immediate family at the conclusion of the services rendered. They also make available dignified hearse and funeral cars, and arrange for an escort. At the request of the family, they will choose and arrange the casket spray and other funeral flowers. They take care of all required paperwork and documentation, including getting and filing the death certificates and obtaining cremation permits. They provide the family with assistance with life insurance, Veteran’s and Social Security Benefits.

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