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For highly personalized funerals, graveside services, memorial ceremonies and celebrations-of-life in the Homer Glen, IL area, please use Colonial Chapel Funeral Home & Crematory. More information is found at

The staff of Colonial Chapel Funeral Home & Crematory believes in the healing power of commemorative services. Serving Homer Glen, IL for many years, they have witnessed the ability of an expertly planned and executed funeral, graveside service, memorial ceremony or celebration-of-life to provide comfort, solace and hope for the future. Grief specialists all agree that paying tribute to a departed loved one is essential to healthy healing after loss. Please learn more about the deeply personalized and dignified events that Colonial Chapel Funeral Home & Crematory offers by visiting and looking under the tab titled “Our Services.”

Funerals provide survivors with many emotional benefits. For one, funerals give those left behind the opportunity and space to pay their last respects to the deceased and to say a final goodbye. In addition, a funeral allows the bereaved to find a social source of comfort and support during a dark period in their lives. Funerals help mourners to accept that death is irreversible and unavoidable. A funeral also is a forum to share memories, thoughts and feelings about the departed and about death itself. Funerals honor the relationships that the guests had with the loved one while at the same time bringing the accomplishments and immeasurable value that the deceased held to light.

A graveside service is an alternative way to memorialize a loved one that focuses on simplicity, respect and recognizing a communal loss. At this event, there is a ceremony held at the burial site after which the attendees witness the interment of the deceased. Many times, there is a brief committal service conducted as the loved one is laid to eternal rest. Prayers, hymns and religious or secular passages can be read at this gathering to pay homage to the departed.

Often utilized to celebrate the life of a loved one after he or she has been cremated, a memorial ceremony can be held on the date and at the time that the family chooses. This offers the advantages of giving the family more time to plan the event, allowing them to better accommodate the different schedules of those they invite and visitors from farther away have the ability to find cheaper travel and hotel arrangements than those available within the first few days following the passing. Such events can be highly customized to fit the personality of the deceased since they can be held anywhere and be themed to reflect his or her favorite interest, lifestyle or pastime. An even more individualized version of a memorial service is a celebration-of-life, which can be officiated by a clergy member, celebrant or a close friend or relative of the loved one. Please visit… for further details.

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