Funeral Home and Cremation Services Provided to East Orange, NJ

For quality funerals, memorial ceremonies, burials and cremations in East Orange, NJ, please contact Chapels of Eden Funeral Home, Inc. More information is provided at

The caring funeral directors of Chapels of Eden Funeral Home, Inc. provide quality funeral home and cremation services to East Orange, NJ. They are dedicated to assisting families in the creation of a meaningful commemoration of a loved one that will remain in the memories of all those who attend. They design the perfect ceremony to honor the deceased by combining their tribute ideas and expertise with the family’s desires and traditions. All the healing experiences they provide can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each family. Please learn more about the compassionate service that they make available by visiting

The traditional services offered by Chapels of Eden Funeral Home, Inc. include a viewing or visitation and a dignified funeral service that takes place at the funeral home, a local place of religious worship or another setting that the family selects. In addition, the funeral professionals provide the vehicular equipment needed for the service, such as hearse usage for the departed to the funeral and cemetery grounds. The ceremony for a loved one can be personalized by displaying treasured photographs and other mementos.

The funeral arrangers of Chapels of Eden Funeral Home, Inc. also provide comprehensive cremation services. A family may secure a direct cremation for their deceased, which excludes any viewing or ceremony. However, grief specialists universally advise having commemorative services for the departed because such events promote healing after loss in survivors. Therefore, Chapels of Eden Funeral Home, Inc. also offers full service funerals that precede the cremation process. Such services are identical to those provided prior to interment, except that the loved one is held in a rental or cremation casket. When dealing with physical remains via cremation, the funeral directors have a wide variety of decorative and beautiful urns to contain the resulting ashes. The cremation vessel chosen can be one that is themed in such a manner as to reflect the uniqueness of the deceased, perhaps representing his or her veteran status or love of a particular sport or hobby.

As an alternative to conventional funeral plans, a family may arrange for a memorial ceremony to pay homage to their departed. Memorial gatherings lack the presence of casketed remains and can be held on the date, at the time and in the location of the family’s choice. These events can be made to manifest the individuality of the deceased through musical selections, floral arrangements, reading passages and pictures of the loved one with family and friends.

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