Funeral Home and Cremation Services Provided to Cambria Heights, NY

For quality service and products for burial or cremation in the area of Cambria Heights, NY, please contact Paul Lane Funeral Home. More details are found at

Paul Lane Funeral Home provides premium services for interment or cremation to Cambria Heights, NY. The decision between these two forms of caring for physical remains is a deeply personal choice that can be made for oneself via the process of funeral pre planning. If the family of a loved one must choose one or the other and is conflicted, the funeral directors would be honored to provide information, guidance and their expertise. Please learn more about this highly respected funeral parlor by visiting

Once the crucial decision regarding burial or cremation has been made, the compassionate funeral professionals of Paul Lane Funeral Home assist families in choosing the funeral merchandise needed. If interment is selected, a family will need a casket and outer burial container. The funeral arrangers have an impressive assortment of coffins available, many of which are customizable.

The caskets are made in various materials, designs, interior fabrics, sizes and personalization levels. Many families prefer the warmth and natural beauty of wooden caskets originating from such trees as mahogany, cherry, maple, oak, ash, poplar and pine. There are also many veneers available to further enhance the appearance of a wood casket. Metal caskets are also quite popular, offer even more options in terms of color and can be more durable than wood coffins. Bronze, copper and stainless-steel caskets are completely rust resistant, sturdy and handsome. For families on a stricter budget, Paul Lane Funeral Home also offers caskets composed of standard carbon steel in differing grades. Also, some caskets are covered in cloth and economically priced.

The design of a casket can reflect elements of grace and sculpture and the inside can be draped in fabrics such as velvet or crepe. The individuality of a loved one can be represented by personalizing the casket’s corners with artistic pieces that reflect things such as his or her occupation, military service, interests or religious devotion.

Burial vaults are generally required by cemeteries to prevent the earth from settling and to facilitate and preserve the idyllic nature of their grounds. Also, they serve to shield the casket and protect the deceased’s physical remains. They can be basic unlined vaults or more luxurious in make.

If a family chooses to cremate its loved one, they will likely choose to purchase an urn to contain his or her ashes. This is a wise choice, especially if the family plans to display the urn at a memorial service, inurn the cremains in a columbarium niche or retain the cremated remains in their home. If a family desires a traditional funeral service in honor of their departed prior to the cremation process, the funeral directors of Paul Lane Funeral Home have many rental and cremation caskets available. For those seeking direct cremation services, the funeral directors offer alternative containers. Families who intend to inter an urn in a cemetery plot should consider obtaining an urn vault to protect the vessel and its contents.

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