Funeral Funding Resource Helps Families Pay For the Funeral of Their Choosing

For families with a qualifying business, Funeral Funding Resource provides a cash advance to pay for funeral expenses. More information is available at

It’s surprising that there are limited funding options for families to pay for a funeral. Their choices are life insurance, taking cash from personal savings or maxing out their credit cards.

Funeral Funding Resource at provides a fourth choice that can help many families. Funeral Funding Resource aims to assist families that need monetary help to fund a dignified, meaningful funeral. This service prevents families from being trapped in the position of having to take funds from savings that may be required for other needs. The staff at Funeral Funding Resource feels that a fitting memorial for a deceased loved one will do more to ease the pain of the loss than services chosen strictly on price. Death often comes suddenly, and Funeral Funding Resource can allow a family to make the final arrangements for its departed that truly recognize and capture the significance of the life that has been lost without worrying about cost.

Funeral Funding Resource features an easy application process, speedy decisions and impressive approval rates. Generally, the families that come to them for assistance get the results for their application the same day that it is submitted. The personnel at Funeral Funding Resource pride themselves on their transparency and they give families all pertinent information prior to having any agreement signed. The criteria for receiving the money needed from them are simple. Firstly, one must have a business such an LLC, corporation or sole proprietorship. If no member of the immediate family owns a business, a person can request the assistance of a relative such as a brother, sister, uncle, aunt, cousin or close friend. Qualifying his or her business may be an easier way for them to help than by giving the money for the funeral outright.

Here is a short video on the process;

Due to the high rate of rejection of those making applications for personal cash advances, Funeral Funding Resource chooses to qualify a business. Doing so has a higher degree of success, is simpler and faster. When dealing with funeral arrangements, timing is an important consideration. Financial issues must be resolved as quickly as possible. In addition to the concerns regarding the physical condition of the departed, the sooner that a family can send its deceased off with appropriate end-of-life services, the sooner that family can gain the sense of closure that is needed to begin the healing process. Because it is not a personal cash advance, credit scores are not a factor in determining the outcome of the advance.

The requirements for qualifying a business for a cash advance are as follows: The business must have operated for at least three months prior to applying and have a business bank account. The commercial enterprise must make a minimum of $10,000 in gross sales each month. With these standards met, the only things remaining for consideration is to complete a short one-page application and to include at least three of the business’s bank statements.

For those in need of immediate funeral funding who have a business to qualify, please fill out the form found on the webpage…. If a person can afford the funeral services that he or she desires for their loved one, that person may still consider utilizing Funeral Funding Resource. It prevents people from having to make a single investment and allows them to pay back the cash advance over a repayment period and with a reasonable interest rate because the principal amount is relatively low. If one can use the help of Funeral Funding Resource, please contact them today and they will work with each person to arrange a payment plan that is individualized to fit his or her circumstances. The money can be received as cash, check or through a wire transfer.

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