Fundraising Discount Cards Help Teams & Groups Earn over $70,000 Annually

Fundraising discount cards help teams, groups and leagues raise more money than ever before. Fundraising solutions that provide high priced, low value items no longer work. With EMI's high-value, low-cost discount cards, teams and groups are seeing higher profits than ever before.

If you are a high school athletic director, coach, band director, or head up any other type of school or youth organization, you know that fundraising is the key to keeping your program running.

But raising money isn’t always easy. When selling high-priced cookie dough, laundry detergent or wrapping paper – how much money can you really raise?

Fortunately, the fundraising industry has seen real impact in raising money for teams and groups by selling fundraising discount cards.

Fundraising discount cards provide real value to the buyer, which is why they tend to fly off the shelves. Sure, people in the community will buy the over-priced candy you’re selling simply out of pure support for you or your organization. But the money really starts to come in when you sell a highly valuable product.

“We’ve been helping teams, leagues and groups break their fundraising records for over 20 years,” says Educational Marketing, Inc. (EMI) Owner, Phil Dattilo. “In fact, we have schools and organizations earning $40,000 to $70,000 each year on this product alone.”

The product that Dattilo is referring to is the Triple Keytag Fundraising Card. This card features the 20 high value discounts just like their Pro Card product, but also includes 3 additional keytags with great deals as well.

Click here to see examples of these discount cards for fundraising:

Some examples of deals might include $15 off an oil change, 50% off a pizza, buy one get one free sandwich, $5 off of a carwash, etc. All of the deals are hand selected by both your group and EMI to load the card with great savings offers at local restaurants and shops where people are already spending money.

Each of the 20+ deals on the card saves the cardholder money and each can be used daily for an entire year.

With these Fundraising Discount Cards, there are different product offers which range from a retail price of $10-$20 where up to 80% of the sale is the team or group’s profit.

If some people are willing to spend $20 on a box with 4 little chocolates, just imagine how many people will spend $20 on a card that saves them money at tons of different local spots that the regularly visit all year long?

Since 1995, EMI has been working with teams, leagues and groups all across the country helping them to set fundraising records year after year.

According to Dattilo, “Fundraising season shouldn’t be something that your group dreads. As fundraising season approaches, your group should be pumped and losing sleep over the excitement of all the money that’s about to be raised!’

If you’ve never tried selling discount cards for your fundraising efforts, this may be the year to put a spark back into your group’s fundraising!

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