Fundraising Artificial Intelligence – Donor Behavioral Data Platform Launched

Fundmetric is a newly launched fundraising platform that allows nonprofit organizations to optimize their fundraising campaigns and increase donor lifetime value using artificial intelligence.

A new data capture platform for non-profit organizations, Fundmetric, has been launched. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help charities and other non-profits use data to target and personalize their fundraising.

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The newly announced platform provides nonprofits with the necessary tools for implementing a data-driven strategy for maximizing donor lifetime value.

Digitalization across all sectors leads to the collection of massive amounts of data that both for-profit and nonprofit organizations can use to their advantage. Similar to their for-profit counterparts, nonprofits have the opportunity to use donor data to target and personalize their fundraising.

However, the way the data is used is more important than the quality of the data itself. Nonprofit organizations require specific tools for managing their databases which will be tailored to their campaigns and the relationships with their donors.

Fundmetric employs artificial intelligence to make data more meaningful and actionable for nonprofits. Based on the communication preferences and behavioral practices of each donor, the system gives the nonprofit leaders valuable insights which they can use to decide when to target donors, which mediums to employ, and which messages to use to raise more money.

Machine learning helps to identify relationships and interests across the donor base that were not known before and create a learning model that can then be used to launch smarter campaigns, predict and optimize the donor journey, and turn one-time donors into lifetime supporters.

The platform leverages the nonprofit’s data, augments it with additional data sources, and uses its growing list of 100+ predictive features to identify the strongest supporters and move them up the giving pipeline.

“With Fundmetric, users can employ the platform at a level that’s comfortable for them and proceed at a pace that is smart for their organization,” said a satisfied platform user. “At its close, the first campaign realized a 30% increase in online revenue from the year before using Fundmetric. Online transactions increased by 25% year-over-year. It was a success.”

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