Fullerton Chiropractor; Dr. Kuang brings relief to the people of Orange County

Experienced chiropractor, Dr. Simon Kuang, takes his brand of sports chiropractic care to Fullerton and Orange County

Experienced chiropractor, Dr. Simon Kuang, takes his brand of chiropractic care to Fullerton and Orange County

Dr. Simon Kuang, a seasoned sports physician, otherwise known as the best Fullerton chiropractor, has changed the face of chiropractic in Orange County, California, particularly in Fullerton. Dr. Kuang has been practicing sports medicine for years, with athletes and fitness lovers preferring the reliable services of this highly qualified chiropractor.

Dr. Kuang has been in the health and fitness sector for a long while, allowing him to work with top-class athletes, but his passion for the health of regular people inspired the setting up of the chiropractic center.

Chiropractic care in general is steadily gaining popularity and the different treatments offered by Ideal Body Chiropractic, have made the idea even more accepted among regular people throughout Orange County and Fullerton, and neighboring communities like Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Villa Park, Santa Ana, and Brea.

Treatments done by Dr. Kuang, the only sports and fitness chiropractor in Fullerton, ca, include headaches, sciatica, tendonitis, plantar, whiplash, herniated discs, and the list goes on, with the major back pain treatment included in the long list.

In addition to chiropractic treatments, other services offered by Dr. Kuang include movement training, Graston massage, kinesiology taping, and foundation training. These techniques and services help to relieve pain and optimize performance, especially for individual athletes and fitness enthusiast.

The office is open Monday through Saturday and testimonials from satisfied clients have continued to pour in, with most of them testifying to the effectiveness of the service. Check out the current chiropractor reviews in Fullerton, on the doctors yelp account.

About Ideal Body Chiropractic

Ideal Body Chiropractic is a baby of Dr. Kuang Simon, the most trusted and affordable sports chiropractor in Orange County. His desire to help regular people with chiropractic care inspired him to establish the practice, after years of working with professional athletes.

To learn more about the best Fullerton chiropractor in Orange County, visit the doctor’s website or give him a call to discuss any chiropractic needs.

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