Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil For Pain Relief – Natural CBD COA Quality Testing Updated

An online boutique selling full-spectrum hemp oil has updated its testing regulations for its entire range of products. Pure Midwest carries out quality testing ten times before its oils are bottled and provides access to the Certificate of Analysis for every product on its website.

The company’s updated practices also involve using CO2 extraction in its manufacturing process rather than ethanol, which, although more expensive, yields the highest consistent quality of the product. Moreover, Pure Midwest can now assure buyers that its hemp oil manufacturing is carried out in an FDA-approved lab.

More information is available at https://puremidwest.co

This latest announcement allows the company’s consumers to shop with increased confidence, with the knowledge that the hemp oil they are buying has been tested multiple times, including a third-party independent test immediately prior to bottling. Additionally, Pure Midwest’s COA (Certificate of Analysis) is easy to access through its website, not only on the home page but on every product page too.

Some CBD companies use variations of stalk, seed, stem, and flower in their manufacturing, which can reduce the effectiveness and purity of the product. To increase potency, some may then manually add isolate, which means that the end product is no longer a pure extract of the hemp plant. Unlike these companies, Pure Midwest solely uses the flowers of certified pharmaceutical-grade non-GMO hemp plants which are grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.

Pure Midwest is a family-owned business that was started as a result of the founder witnessing the effect full-spectrum hemp oil tinctures had on his father’s sciatic pain management. The company endeavors to keep its prices as low as possible in order to make its products more accessible to other families in need.

The most recent update is in line with the company’s commitment to providing high-quality hemp oil products with its stringent manufacturing process.

Pure Midwest prides itself in proactively inviting consumers to read about what is in the products they are buying, using custom procedures and rigorous testing to ensure the purity of its hemp oil. The company has developed a strong reputation for its transparency and honesty with customers and for its premium products, as indicated by its numerous customer reviews.

A satisfied customer said, “I have used Pure Midwest’s tinctures and have been favorably impressed. The flavorings are the best I’ve had, and I’ve tried many other brands. I look forward to sampling the rest of their line.”

Interested parties can discover more by visiting https://blog.puremidwest.co/2020/01/02/boutique-vs-mass-manufacturers

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