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Happy Buddha Hemp has announced the launch of its new Spagyric Extraction Method for the company’s products. This method guarantees the best quality and most effective CBD products.

Happy Buddha Hemp has announced the launch of its new extraction method for the company’s CBD products. This extraction method promises better customer satisfaction and better quality products at an affordable price.

More details can be obtained at https://happybuddhahemp.com/spagyric-cbd

Happy Buddha Hemp is a family-founded company that is dedicated to providing customers with premier quality, cost-effective CBD products cultivated from organically grown hemp. The company employs the use of Spagyric Extraction as opposed to other companies that utilize Isolate Extraction methods.

Happy Buddha Hemp’s new Spagyric CBD extraction method is a Full Extraction method taken one step further. It capitalizes on what is known as the “Entourage Effect” which was discovered by alchemists and herbalists in the 1500s.

The Spagyric Extraction method employed by Happy Buddha Hemp extricates all of the chlorophyll, amino acids, terpenes, and the 133 beneficial cannabinoids from the hemp plant. This in itself is considered fantastic for CBD products, but the process does not end there. The salts and minerals are also extracted and re-added to the full spectrum CBD. This ensures that the products have all of what the hemp contained in its natural state.

According to scientific evidence, when the extraction is done via the Isolate method, only one molecule is left from the hemp and this causes the CDB to be at least three times weaker. When compared to Full Spectrum Extraction, it is less effective and ceases to works after six months.

Due to the fact that mass production is cheaper and easier via the Isolate method, it is widely used by many CBD companies. However, given consumers’ complaints that most CBD products do not satisfy their needs, Happy Buddha Hemp has chosen to utilize the Spagyric Extraction method. This is in order to provide consumers with the best quality and most effective products on the market; a service that has not gone unnoticed by its customers.

Happy Buddha Hemp’s products include, but are not limited to, Bath and Body Oils, CBD Tinctures, and CBD Lotions and Salves.

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