Full Spectrum CBD Oil Hemp Flower Derived Boutique Product Guide Launched

A new guide has been launched by Pure Midwest, the CBD oil company. It covers the benefits of buying boutique products over mass-produced items from larger suppliers.

Pure Midwest has launched a new guide covering why customers should buy CBD products from boutique stores over mass manufacturers. Pure Midwest is a full spectrum hemp oil product company with a focus on high quality service.

More information can be found at: https://blog.puremidwest.co/2020/03/16/boutique-vs-mass-manufacturers

One of the elements that makes Pure Midwest stand apart from the competition is its extraction method. Unlike many other CBD providers, they utilize CO2 Extraction instead of Ethanol.

This is a more expensive process, but yields more consistent quality with the products. In addition to this, the company owns its entire supply chain and quality tests each product over 10 times before it’s bottled.

In this way, they can ensure that every product they sell is of the highest quality. This is especially important for customers shopping for CBD products, because it can be difficult to find high quality items at affordable prices.

The new guide details that the biggest difference between their boutique offerings and white label mass manufacturers is their quality. They use only the hemp flower rather than the stalks, seeds and stems. In contrast, mass manufacturers will use variations of these to bulk out their products.

The team explains that they create a robust and pure red oil from high quality hemp strains. This ensures that customers can physically see the difference in their product quality.

Pure Midwest encourages all customers to check the certificate of analysis to understand the balance of the cannabinoids and the THC percentage in the hemp products they use.

CBD has become mainstream in recent months and customers use it for a variety of health and wellness benefits. This includes anxiety relief, natural anti-seizure properties, and pain relief. Studies show that CBD can relieve the symptoms of arthritis, chronic pain, muscle pain and a variety of other painful conditions.

Products available through Pure Midwest include gummies, topical cream, pet tincture and full spectrum CBD oil.

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