Full Frame Productions Criticizes Apple Watch For Lacking Fundamental Feature

Full Frame Productions has claimed the Apple Watch has made a ‘catastrophic error’ in not supporting video playback, as one of the 21st century’s most essential forms of communication.

The Apple Watch is now commercially available, and is the first wearable to try and fully integrate into the mobile experience while providing unique added value for users. The watch has been met with mixed reactions from critics, who praise its usability in broad strokes but have serious reservations about key aspects that seem to be missing from the device. Full Frame Productions has been scathing about the watch’s inability to play video content, calling it a ‘catastrophic error’ for the product at launch, claiming that it will set back the uptake of the device considerably amongst users.

Their argument centers on the limiting nature of a lack of video playback. More online traffic than ever is directed toward video content, video messaging platforms are more popular than ever and multimedia delivery is increasing for business and consumers alike. This is because of the undeniable benefits to video for engaging audiences.

The lack of video playback is allegedly due to the small size of the watch screen, but new videos could be created by experts like Full Frame to compensate for this and deliver dynamic and novel content that would encourage more people to use the watch, which seems to be proving a difficult sell to mainstream audiences.

A spokesperson for Full Frame Productions explained, “This is a catastrophic error on Apple’s part. They have been known to meter out their technology, drip-feeding what many would consider core features in iteration after iteration to maximize profit. While that may be a successful business strategy in a broad sense, certain features are now considered fundamental to users, and video playback is one of them. Apple has shot themselves in the foot by holding back this feature, and many will now simply wait for the Watch 2 as a result.”

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