Fuel Testing Kits Developed Specifically to Identify Microbial Contamination

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FUELSTAT® Plus fuel testing kits now available in Jet Fuel or Diesel variants, they work to help users identify if their diesel or aviation fuel has been compromised by microbes or not. Read more to find out more.

FUELSTAT® Plus by Conidia Bioscience is a set of fuel testing kits that serve to identify microbial contamination within aviation fuel and diesel in general. Microbial contamination in aviation and diesel fuel is often referred to as ‘diesel bug’, and it simply means that the diesel fuel is contaminated with microbes, such as bacteria and fungi. Water or moisture can find its way into diesel fuel and as a result of the condensation, rainwater penetration or adsorption from the air.

FUELSTAT® Plus is offered in two different variants to consumers, one for diesel microbial contamination detection and the other for identifying microbial contamination in jet fuel. Both of these available variants are supplied in boxes of 8, clearly marked for their respective uses (Jet fuel or Diesel) and come with thorough instruction for each test.

Some of the most commonly used fuel testing kits are the ones used to detect microbiological contamination in diesel, jet fuel and all other related derivatives of these fuels. The microbiological contamination is also known as ‘diesel bug’, or ‘diesel fungus’, in jet fuel it is also known as jet fuel fungus. Microbiological contamination is made up of certain strains of bacteria, yeasts and fungi that are considered dangerous to fuel. These types of contaminants are particularly prevalent in middle distillate fuels.

It is now possible to get a fuel testing kit that is specifically designed and tested for microbiological contamination, that enables the users to identify contamination at the earliest possible stage. Treating microbial contamination in the early stages is faster, cheaper and less risky than it would be in the later stages. In worst case scenarios, microbial contamination can seriously damage tanks themselves and if left unchecked for a long period of time, can lead to microbially influenced corrosion (MIC) of the tank, because of acid that is being produced.

For more information about the fuel testing kits, what they do and why they are important, please follow on to this website: https://conidia.com/fuel-testing-kits/

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