Ft Lauderdale Roofing Experts Rise In Tile Roof Replacements Demand New Hires

Fort Lauderdale Roofing Experts has seen a big increase recently in the number of homeowners that are looking to get a tile roof replacement for their homes.

Now that Summer is over and we’re firmly in the Fall months and the rain is finally subsiding down in Fort Lauderdale; many homeowners are now in need of a new roof replacement. Fort Lauderdale Roofing Experts is reporting record numbers of people reaching out to them via the internet that are interested in replacing their roofs with tile.

Jonathan, a representative of Fort Lauderdale Roofing Experts had this to say, “It’s nice to see people moving towards tile roofing. Not only does tile roofing really compliment homes in Fort Lauderdale with its beauty but a tile roof offers tremendous protection from dangerous storms. A tile roof holds up very well during hurricanes, only metal roofs are more durable.”

The great news here for the Fort Lauderdale Roofing Experts is that this new influx of business has created more demand for roofers, last month the Fort Lauderdale Roofing Experts needed to hire a new two man repair only crew specifically for tile roofing, and if the numbers keep looking like they do adding another tile roof replacement crew will be necessary too!

What are the top reasons for getting a tile roof in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Luxury – Of all available roofing materials many view tile as the most beautiful and luxurious. Particularly down here in Fort Lauderdale, tile roofing is a great compliment to palm trees and the sun.

Longevity – Tile roofing is very durable and has a high rating against hurricane force winds. A tile roof can last 50 years if maintained properly, they’re very wise investments in Florida and a homeowners re-roofing with tile should never need to replace the roof again.

Flexibility – Tile comes in many shapes, sizes and designs allowing homeowners a lot of flexibility in how the final product will look.

Save Power – A huge plus for homeowners living in Fort Lauderdale with a tile roof are the savings in the monthly power bill. A tile roof does an amazing job of keeping the cool air inside the home.

Smart Investment – On top of increased beauty and durability a tile roof adds value to the home. So while the cost to install the roof may be more expensive than other roofing options like asphalt shingles, in the long run it will actually be an investment in the home.

For homeowners living in Fort Lauderdale in need of a new tile roof replacement or installation, visit this page https://www.fortlauderdaleroofingexperts.com/roof-replacement/tile for more information.

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