FrugoBee: Now Consumers Can Set the Price & Save Hundreds on Everyday Services

A new online solution, FrugoBee, allows consumers to set the price they want to pay for everyday services, and offers freelancers and skilled workers alternative ways to earn extra money to make ends meet, doing the things they love.

FrugoBee, a new online marketplace connecting consumers and service providers, has been created to allow individual and business consumers to pay what they want for everyday services, not what they’re told. The consumers simply post their jobs and wait for qualified freelancers and skilled workers to accept the price and offer to do the work. The launch and grand opening is scheduled to take place July 20, 2015. Think of the service as a combination of the best of Elance and Angie’s List. According to the company founder Dea Woods, the buzz around this new service has been overwhelming and she anticipates it rapidly emerging as the next major peer-to-peer sharing platform in the US.

Visit the website here and register as either a consumer or service provider for free:

“After I had to pay $200 an hour for a simple bathroom job, I realized that there needed to be a much better way to put the consumer in charge. With our new service, all the consumer needs to do is decide what work needs done, and how much they are willing to pay. They post on Frugobee and wait for qualified service providers who are willing to do the work at the requested price.” – Dea Woods, President/Founder, FrugoBee.

Service Providers are able to provide services either remotely or at the consumer’s home or place of business. FrugoBee provides an extra layer of security that traditional online classified sites do not offer. They conduct background checks on every on-site service provider. Individual and business consumers seeking great freelancers and skilled workers find it easy to locate the perfect provider. Even prior to the launch, many of talented service providers have signed up to provide a wide range of services.

“This is the best idea that has ever come through the doors of this office. I wish I had thought of it.” – A. Lacy, Local Small Business Administration office, Chicago.

There are many sites where people can find a virtual service provider, but none allow both the flexibility of on-site assistance and the ability to set their own price.

To find out more, view our video here:

“I am pleased to announce to businesses and individuals that we are changing the paradigm between consumers and service providers. We are empowering consumers to set their own price, choose the right service provider and decide if they would like help on-site or to have the work done virtually. No longer are consumers at the mercy of inflated markets and price gouging service providers.” – Dea Woods, President/Founder, FrugoBee.

FrugoBee is an online peer-to-peer sharing marketplace based in Chicago, Illinois and is founded by Dea Woods in response to an outrageous overcharge by a bathroom remodeler. This online solution is designed to allow consumers to name their price and receive bids from freelancers and skilled workers. Through the use of background checks, FrugoBee is able to add an extra layer of protection for on-site service providers. FrugoBee will see its full launch and grand opening on July 20, 2015.

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