Frozen Princesses for Children Birthday Parties in Sarasota to Tampa, Florida Are Now Available.

BraveNBeautiful announced the launch of their new Birthday Party Princesses from the movie, Frozen. The Princesses are available for children's Birthday Parties beginning immediately and are part of the company's "Birthday Party Rescuers!" program having world class costumes and professional performers.

Parents with children ages 2 - 8 in the Sarasota to Tampa, Florida area who would like ”Birthday Party Rescuers” can schedule Frozen Princesses available for children’s Birthday Parties by braveNbeautiful. The sign up page detailing full service availability and pricing can be found here:

BraveNBeautiful’s Frozen Princesses available for children’s Birthday Parties are designed to address a very common issue faced by Parents with children ages 2 -8 in the Sarasota to Tampa, Fl area: that being how to make their child’s birthday celebration both memorable and special. This Birthday Party Rescuers service includes:

Princess costumes meticulously designed to replicate the animated movie. Birthday party attendees will feel the excitement of having a real princess to join them. In fact, BraveNBeautiful’s costumes were created by the top designer/seamstress available and working at the national level.

Professional Actresses who will provide a great performance.  From their movements to the activities they perform, the princesses will dazzle birthday party guests.

Different Packages are available. This can include a brief appearance or full birthday party activities.

Alice Burkina, Owner of BraveNBeautiful, had this to say about this service:

“The Princesses from the movie, Frozen, are very much in demand by young girls whose parents want to provide a World class presence at their child’s birthday party.  Our professional actresses and elite costumes will make every child’s event truly memorable!”

Parents are often searching for great talent to participate in making their child’s birthday party a special occasion.  And having a Princess appear from one of their favorite movies is a great way to make the event special on so many levels.  The company has a wide range of activities available that will create a special occasion like none other. 

This is the reason the company refers to their characters as “Birthday Party Rescuers” because they are always instrumental in turning what might be a rather boring birthday party into something captivating and memorable.

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the service listing, here:

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