From Zero To Hero With Facebook Ads – The Story Of Robby Blanchard

Robby Blanchard is holding a free webinar for entrepreneurs who want to learn how he went from owning a failing crossfit gym, to becoming the top affiliate on ClickBank, by using Facebook Ads.


Robby Blanchard used to be a broke, worn-out crossfit trainer, who in four years became the number one affiliate in the world, generating more than $100 million dollars per year in revenue by combining a popular marketing platform called ClickBank with Facebook advertising.

Four years ago, Robby was struggling to keep his gym afloat. Then he stumbled upon Facebook Ads and began selling digital products for a commission. Today, he’s the #1 ClickBank affiliate in the world, pulling in 7 figures per month from his Facebook advertising campaigns.

Interested parties are invited to attend a no-cost webinar where he shares his unique story at

Robby’s extensive knowledge on Facebook advertising has captured the attention of entrepreneurs, affiliates and business owners who are looking to maximize their profitability with their advertising campaigns, while minimizing risk through best practices using Facebook Ads.

His methods have won him first place in an a leaderboard competition held by ClickBank to determine the most affiliate commissions earned on their platform. Robby invites other entrepreneurs, affiliates and business owners to a free webinar where he reveals his story.

Entrepreneurs, affiliates and other Facebook advertisers are invited to attend the webinar at no cost.

Wesley Virgin, one of his students and clients said, “Last year we did 30 million. This year we’ll do 100 million thanks to Robby’s help.”

Bedros Keuilian, another student of Robby’s said, “He’s the kind of guy that will get you the traffic.”

And Bryan and Katie Harney of “The Dollar Challenge Club” said, “We’ve pretty much 4x’ed every aspect of our business.”

Those who are interested in Robby’s story can attend his free webinar training to learn more about how he used Facebook Ads and ClickBank to go from zero to hero by selling digital products as an affiliate. More at the website:


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