From Wheelchair to Walking – Dr. Linschoten helps patients walk again

Dr. Niels Linschoten takes a wheelchair bound patient who was on the verge of amputation of her left leg and helps her to walk again without amputation.

The average patient who walks into Dr. Niels Linschoten’s office is the average older Baton Rouge community member whose knees or hips just weren’t what they used to be, and a new knee or a new hip can get those older ladies and gentlemen back to walking and jogging and dancing without pain in no time.

Jean Melancon, however, was not the “average” patient.

Louisiana native Jean Melancon spent 9 months on her back in severe pain. Her left knee was destroyed. Her doctors in Lafayette tried everything they could think of to help her, but they were at a loss. Their next recommendation to her was to amputate her leg.

Prior to agreeing to the amputation, Jean was referred to Dr. Niels Linschoten, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who has proven himself to be a rare exception above the standard in knee and hip surgeries and treatments. He has made a name for himself as a doctor who will take on special cases that most other doctors turn down.

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When Jean arrived at Dr. Linschoten’s office, he immediately assured her, “You WILL walk again. You will not be in this wheelchair very long.” This was on a Friday.

The following Monday she was in surgery. And that would be a Monday that changed her life for the better. Just three hours after the surgery was over, Jean was walking again!

Jean’s surgery and recovery happened more than 10 years ago, and because of the exceptional work of Dr. Niels Linschoten, she is still walking, driving a school bus, and living an active happy life. She still proclaims her love for Dr. Linschoten due to how he helped her to walk again.

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This is only one of the many exceptional stories of patients who have seen Dr. Linschoten after losing hope for having no other options from any other orthopedic doctors. And though he specializes in the exceptional, he provides the highest quality care for every patient who walks in his office. He listens carefully, answers all questions, provides accurate diagnoses, and provides personalized solutions for patient care moving forward.

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