From Today, Bluewire Is Offering Completely Re-Designed Website With More Features Than Ever

Bluewire is an IT company from the UK. The company is well-known for providing different types of services. Just some services they offer are: servers’ optimization and health check, disaster recovery and etc. They also offer music and radio hosting services.

Bluewire is one of the biggest IT companies in the United Kingdom. They are providing various IT services all around the globe. The efficiency, in this case, must be at the highest level. In addition, their services are very important to prevent severe system damages.

United Kingdom, 26, Jan 2016

Wokingham: Today, Bluewire has a completely new website, designed especially for old and potential clients! Due to the fact, this is an IT company, the website and anything related to the internet, is the most important thing for this company. Although, the website is redesigned, it looks completely new and it offers new features that make it much better and more functional.

The functionality of the website is increased. It is much easier to use it now, and all important services are easily reachable. Getting any information is much easier and it takes less time. On the other side, the website is easy to use like it was before.

The spokesperson of the Bluewire said “We spent a lot of time and money in making this website more functional and modern than ever. The main idea was to reduce the time, needed to our potential clients get the information they need. We expect to use this website at least a few years, before we re-design it again.”

According to the information from the Bluewire, the average time, needed for a client to get anything he needs from the website is reduced to 10 seconds. Keep in mind that the older website needed 30 seconds to “give” to a client what he wants.

The best addition is the live chat, available 24/7. By using this, getting any type of information in a few seconds is possible. All support agents are well-trained and offer the highest level of support.

Bluewire is performing additional tests in order to determine the further improvements needed. Additional changes to the website in a few weeks are possible. However, the website has been already 100% functional, so additional updates are not mandatory. Bluewire claims that they are ready to invest a significant amount of money in making the website even more functional.

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