From Brain Tumour To Globetrotting Social Influencer – New Site Launch

How Dutch girl Nikki van de Sanden launches her new website and tells how she went from suffering a devastating brain tumour to travelling the world, thanks to Instagram.

Dutch social media doyen Nikki van de Sanden has launched her website which outlines her remarkable story of how she survived a brain tumour to become one of Instagram’s most in demand influencers, with followers from across the globe and worldwide brands clamouring to work with her.

The website also has information on how others can follow in her footsteps.

Nikki, from Tilburg in the Netherlands, has grown her Instagram account with a positive message of living a great lifestyle and being able to travel the world.

Since starting her Instagram and online presence, she has been able to amass over 55,000 followers and worked with such global cosmetics brands as L’Oréal and Olaz. Nikki has also promoted French sports chain Decathlon.

Nikki says, “My life changed drastically after I had the brain tumour and now I live every day as if it is my last. My biggest dream is to inspire others to live life like I do.”

”Maybe others can be convinced to leave the 9-5 life and live life like I do. Life is so short and sometimes you just need the realisation to make your dreams come true.” she added.

In the last year alone Miss van de Sanden has been able to travel to far flung destinations like Hawaii, Portugal, Spain and Thailand to name but a few. She has stayed in, and promoted, top luxury hotels and resorts as well as high end fashion brands along the way, she has met some incredible people who have further inspired her in her life and business.

This week Nikki is meeting with top advertising executives in her native Netherlands to discuss possible co-marketing strategies and promotional opportunities, using all the skills she has picked up over the last few years of social media and online success.

Nikki also has a social conscience. One of her ambitions is to help establish a brain tumour centre to provide care for other people who have the condition and offer a path to recovery.

Meanwhile, In this social media age we live in, Nikki van de Sanden is one influencer we will all keep an eye on as her star rises.

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