FrogRockDefense Personal Protection Pepper Spray Self Defense Store Launched

A new personal safety protective gear site has been launched, called FrogRockDefense. It provides pepper spray, hidden cameras, diversion safes and more.

A new self defense and personal safety protection site has been launched, called FrogRockDefense. It offers a wide range of products, including hidden cameras, personal alarms, diversion safes, and personal protection products for the home.

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The new site features a wide range of personal safety, protection, and self defense items. These include stun devices, tasers, pepper spray, survival gear, defensive sprays, hidden cameras, and personal alarms.

Other items on the new online store include home protection devices, steel batons, safety lights, child safety products, diversion safes, security scanners, and dummy cameras.

One of the most popular new products is a pepper shot lipstick spray, which is designed to look exactly like regular lipstick.

This can give customers added peace of mind, because it they can carry an unassuming item that won’t get recognized by any attacker.

Designed for women, the pepper shot pepper spray is made with 1.2% major capsaicinoids, which makes it more effective than most other pepper sprays.

The FrogRockDefense site explains that, in addition to causing the attacker pain, this new pepper spray will also make their mucous membranes swell up. This causes breathing to become difficult, swells the veins in the eyes, and causes the eyes to close.

The team states: “The attractive lipstick case is sure to deceive and ward off potential attackers. Pretend you need to freshen your lipstick and POW! This ½ oz canister contains 6-10 one-second sprays with a range of 6-8 feet and is available in 4 colors.”

Pepper spray works by temporarily blinding the attacker and giving the owner chance to get away. They are highly effective, easy to use, and are non-lethal.

One of the most important aspects of self defense is keeping attackers at a distance, and this is where the lipstick pepper spray can help.

Those wishing to find out more about this product and all the others available through FrogRockDefense can visit their website on the link provided above.

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