Frisör i Varberg Announces Sandra Fritzon Has Passed her Official Examination for Hairdressing

YoungHair AB announces that Sandra Fritzon was awarded the “certificate of City and Guilds for hairdressing” by Özz Nujen at Varbergs Galan in October 2014.

After three years attendance atupper secondary school, Sandra Fritzon, just like every aspiring hairstylist, must work at least 3000 hours in a salon (in this case in a frisorer Harvard i VarBerg) to prove her skills in a working environment.  After working these minimal hours, she passed the official hairdressing examination with an “excellent” grade on every task.

Sandra was awarded the certificate of City and Guilds for hairdressing by Ozz Nujen at Varbergs Galan in October 2014.  As result, she now benefits from a well-earned pay rise and better working conditions at Younghair FRiSOR Varberg.

When interviewed, Sandra stated, “I am not just a great hairstylist, but also a great sales person, thanks to my boss’s tips and advice on how to make the customers want buy more things. And she has already begun to see an increase in sales figures, but what my boss is most pleased with is with how such ease and grace I guide the my client through the jungle of hair products explaining what they do to his or her hair. And how to use them…  My boss, Angelika Young, is so pleased that she istaking us to New York next March. That’s going to be awesome!”

YoungHair AB  is a local hairsalon in Varberg (Varberg frisor) owned and by Angelika and Gary Young.

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