Frisco TX Trailer Mounted Concrete Line Pump Rental Services Expanded

Concrete Pumping TX is expanding its Dallas-Fort Worth rental service map to meet increased demand in suburban areas for customized residential and commercial liquid concrete pours and placements.

Concrete Pumping TX, a concrete pumping company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is expanding its trailer mounted line pump rental services to include residential, commercial and industrial projects in Dallas, Fort Worth, and certain counties beyond. Homeowners or site supervisors within the metroplex and along its outskirts looking for solutions to the specialized concrete needs boom trucks can’t accommodate, can now turn to the flexible line pump process Concrete Pumping TX employs.

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Concrete Pumping TX is expanding its rental service map to meet increased demand in urban and suburban areas for residential and commercial projects with customized concrete requirements, such as home interiors, pathways, in-ground swimming pools, plazas, and design plans that call for a distinct liquid concrete pour.

In the world of concrete, there are two kinds of delivery systems: boom pumps, which are generally reserved for large industrial sites, and line pumps, designed for smaller projects with more intricate and precise delivery requirements.

Large boom pumps use a remote-controlled arm, (the boom), to deliver liquid concrete in volumes up to 125 feet wide and 137 feet in deep.

Line pumps use flexible linking hoses capable of running for hundreds of feet to reach backyard sites, properties with manicured landscaping, and interiors that require delicate, accurate concrete placement.

The line pump method brings with it certain benefits boom pumps are not equipped to match.

Because of its flexible hosing, line pump pours prevent splashing and produce a polished and tailored finish. Their versatility gives architects and designers the freedom to implement concrete in creative and unique ways.

Concrete Pumping TX has been in business for 25 years. The team has grown in step with industry advancements and individual client requests to meet specific project requirements in cities and small towns alike.

A satisfied customer says: “These guys are excellent at what they do. Needed to pump 25 yards 250 feet, in 100-degree weather, and the team did it in less than an hour. Five stars.”

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